Motivation for a Better Future


Through my work and experience at and the Streembitâ„¢ I firmly believe that there is a new horizon of opportunity to create real useful solutions outside of the conventional store of value that Crypto-Currency is mainly used.


Open Positions


I'm seeking a co-founder to join me on this journey through crypto-currencies and to share in future opportunities and success. 


  • Open to sweat Equity .
  • Develop a real passion for the best opportunities in this business.
  • Ability to admit and recognise mistakes .
  • Focus on the development of community.


Having an interest in debating and driving interest in as a resource to develop better outcomes for using de-centralized computing, and the technology developments of Blockchain challenges that exist today and in the future.


  • Ability to change and pivot on pre-conceptions of Blockchains.
  • Careful thought analysis for promoting a consensus within our community . 
  • Engage prospects and investors with our message with an objective to allow them to take action. 
  • Take leading role in the future development of the company.

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